Executive Committee


Kurt Avunduk

Kurt Avunduk has worked since 2010 in the fertilizer industry. He is the product manager for phosphates and procures P&K worldwide. Before joining KEYTRADE, Kurt worked in sales for large conventions and exhibitions organized in Turkey. Kurt Avunduk has a degree in Finance and marketing and an MBA.


Errol Brandt

Errol Brandt, a Swiss citizen, joined KEYTRADE in 2000. Prior to joining KEYTRADE, he held several senior positions in Ernst & Young and Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu. Mr. Brandt is a board member of KEYTRADE AFRICA SA and Keytrade Iberia S.L.


Juan Manuel Gonzalez

Juan Manuel Gonzalez joined KEYTRADE in July 2000 as head of European trade. In 2006 he moved to Tampa to rebuild and manage the Latin American office for the company. Since 2010 he is back in Switzerland and added supervisory responsibilities over KEYTRADE'S Asian offices. A native of Spain, he started working in the fertilizer industry in 1997 in market research and wholesaling positions at German and Spanish companies. Today, Mr. Gonzalez is the CEO of WeGrow AG, KEYTRADE’s designated entity for controlled and precision agriculture.


Roger Hartmann

Roger Hartmann, a Swiss citizen, joined KEYTRADE in 2011. After his studies at the University of Zurich he worked for several years for PriceWaterhouseCoopers in the financial services area, prior to joining KEYTRADE. Roger Hartmann holds a master degree in finance and is a Swiss Certified Public Accountant.


Ahmet Keyman

Ahmet Keyman is the urea product manager for KEYTRADE. Following his studies at Northwestern University and the Kellogg School of Management, Ahmet Keyman has joined KEYTRADE in 2012 and has had roles in the Singapore and Zurich offices. Born in Turkey, Ahmet is also a Swiss citizen.


René Leuenberger

René Leuenberger joined KEYTRADE in May 2011 as Legal Counsel. Prior to joining KEYTRADE, he worked in one of the leading law firms in Switzerland and in the financial services industry for several years. René is an attorney at law and holds a Bachelor and Master in Law from the University of Bern, Switzerland. In addition, he graduated from the Bern University of Applied Sciences with a Bachelor in Business Administration.


Pascal Rabier

Pascal Rabier is the original founder of KEYTRADE AFRICA SA. Prior joining KEYTRADE group he held trading positions at SCPA and has been working in the fertilizer industry since 2000. Having lived and worked in Africa, Pascal has a unique expertise of local African fertilizer markets. A native of France he has been living in Zurich since 2011.