Keytrade AG, Thalwil, Switzerland


Ahmet Keyman – Vice President Trading

Market coverage: North Africa, Middle East, FSU
Ahmet Keyman is the urea product manager for KEYTRADE. Following his studies at Northwestern University and the Kellogg School of Management, Ahmet Keyman joined KEYTRADE in 2012 and held different roles in the Singapore and Zurich offices. Born in Turkey, Ahmet is also a Swiss citizen.


Kurt Avunduk - Commercial Director Trading & Product Manager Phosphates

Market coverage: MENA, FSU, Pakistan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines
Kurt Avunduk has worked since 2010 in the fertilizer industry. He is the product manager for phosphates and procures phosphates & potassium worldwide. Before joining KEYTRADE, Kurt worked in sales for large conventions and exhibitions organized in Turkey. Kurt Avunduk has a degree in finance and marketing and an MBA.


Juan Manuel Gonzalez - Senior Vice President Trading

Market coverage: Europe & Latin America
Juan Manuel Gonzalez joined KEYTRADE in July 2000 as head of European trade. In 2006 he moved to Tampa to rebuild and manage the Latin American office for the company. Since 2010 he is back in Switzerland and added supervisory responsibilities over KEYTRADE'S Asian offices. A native of Spain, he started working in the fertilizer industry in 1997 in market research and positions in wholesales at German and Spanish companies.


Cornelia Bircher – Commercial Director Trading

Market coverage: Albania, Greece, Portugal, UK, Ireland, FSU sourcing, Automotive Grade Urea
Cornelia Bircher, a Swiss citizen, joined KEYTRADE in 2011. Prior to joining KEYTRADE, she was working for 5 years in an international steel trading company. Ms. Cornelia Bircher is responsible for various European and CIS countries for both, sourcing and sales.


Michael Thye – Commercial Director Trading & Procurement Manager AN + CAN

Market Coverage: Scandinavia, Baltic States, Germany,
Benelux, Danube region from Austria to Romania/Bulgaria

Michael Thye has been working in the fertilizer industry since 1987 and joined KEYTRADE in 2012. He is the product manager for Ammonium Nitrates & Calcium Ammonium Nitrates.  Before joining KEYTRADE Michael Thye worked in several German fertilizer wholesale and trading companies. He holds an advanced vocational degree in business administration.

Keytrade Africa SA, Thalwil, Switzerland


Pascal Rabier – CEO Keytrade Africa

Pascal Rabier is the original founder of KEYTRADE AFRICA SA. Prior joining KEYTRADE group he held trading positions at SCPA and has been working in the fertilizer industry since 2000. Having lived and worked in Africa, Pascal has a unique expertise of local African fertilizer markets. A native of France he has been living in Zurich since 2011.

Keytrade AG, Beijing, China


Li Juan Wang – Vice President China & Representative

Market coverage: China, Taiwan, Korea & Vietnam
Lijuan Wang worked in KEYTRADE’s Beijing office since its establishment in 1999. She is the Vice President and Representative, responsible for KEYTRADE’s China business. Prior to joining KEYTRADE, she held senior positons in Sinofert and had worked at Sinochem/ Sinofert/ Dohigh for 15 years covering all kinds of fertilizer products. She graduated at the University of International Business & Economics in Beijing with a bachelor degree in Economics in 1984 and also holds a Diploma on MBA Program at the University of Saskatchewan, Canada in 1989.


Michael Yang – Specialty Fertilizer Trader

Market coverage: China
Michael Yang joined KEYTRADE in 2011, covering Specialty Fertilizer ex China and Taiwan. Before joining KEYTRADE, he worked several years in the pesticide business. Michael Yang holds a Bachelor degree in International Economy and Trade.

Keytrade Iberia, S.L., Madrid, Spain


Rafael Gonzalez – Managing Director

Market coverage: Iberia 
Rafael Gonzalez is the managing director of KEYTRADE Iberia S.L. and a partner of the company since its inception in 2010. He served in different positions in the fertilizer industry. Starting his career in production and marketing, Rafael Gonzalez later founded his own company of fertilizer specialties prior to joining the KEYTRADE team. Mr. Rafael Gonzalez was born in Spain and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from Barcelona Central University.


Enrique de Pedro – Regional Sales Manager

Market coverage: Iberia 
Enrique de Pedro joined Keytrade Iberia in 2011 where he is currently the Regional Sales Manager. Prior to his employment with KEYTRADE he worked for local companies in the agribusiness sector. Enrique de Pedro is Spanish and graduated as Technical Agronomist from Valladolid University.

Keytrade North America, Inc., Tampa, FL, USA


Tim Groh – Vice President, Keytrade North America Inc.

Market coverage: USA & Canada
Tim Groh joined KEYTRADE in 2015 and is the Vice President of Keytrade North America. With a presence in the fertilizer industry since 2012, he was employed at several brokerage firms before most recently working at Koch Fertilizer as a Trading and Optimization lead. Tim, a United States citizen, has a Bachelor’s degree in mathematics and works out of the Tampa office.


Leonardo Amaya Jimenez – Commercial Director Trading

Market coverage: Latin America
Leonardo Amaya joined KEYTRADE in 2012. Prior to joining KEYTRADE, he has worked in the agricultural industry since 2005 in both Tepeyac & ADM holding different positions in several departments throughout the supply chain while developing and leading new business units. A native of Mexico, he has a degree as an Industrial Engineer and an MBA.


David Susa - Head of Global Specialty Business

Market coverage: Europe (overseeing rest of global operations)
David Susa joined KEYTRADE in June 2008 as part of the Latin America Specialties Fertilizer team and eventually becoming the responsible in 2010. In 2015, he moved to Switzerland to become the Head of Specialty Fertilizers Division. A native of Ecuador, he graduated from the University of Florida in 2008 with a Master in International Business where he was inducted into the UF Hall of Fame. He has held several positions in sales with Bayer and Dow Agrochemicals between 2004 and 2006.


Nicolas Rojas – Commercial Director Specialty Business

Market coverage: Americas (North, Central, and South America & the Caribbean)
Nicolas Rojas is the Commercial Director, responsible for the Specialty Business in the Americas. He joined KEYTRADE’s Specialties Unit in 2013 and holds an MBA from the University of Florida. He is a native Colombian, with US citizenship as well.


Chris Ferreira - Product Development Manager - Specialty Business

Market coverage: Americas (North, Central, and South America & the Caribbean)
Chris Ferreira is the Product Development Manager responsible for the Specialty Business. Prior to KEYTRADE, he has been working in the agricultural business since 2004 building a strong career in Sales & Marketing, developing products and new business for Syngenta AG in several countries in Latin America. A native of Brazil, he has a degree in Agricultural Engineering and an MBA from University of São Paulo.