Marketing agreements

We have been selected to market the products of leaders in the Nitrogen, Phosphate and Potash industry.

Over the years we gained extensive experience on how to best market the product of our partners. We entertain relationships with the most of the regular customers in our industry throughout the world. The next cargo can be placed with as little as a phone call.

We learnt that a well-functioning partnership is based on trust and transparency. We developed a unique partner based relationship model where we share our global knowledge, experience and expertise on a daily basis and provide full transparency on every transaction concluded under the marketing arrangement.

Low Emissions Resources Corp, United States of America

Low Emissions Resources Corp. (LERC), a US based research company, has developed a disruptive technology for the clean, cost-effective and scalable production of ammonia using a proprietary electrochemical process.

In 2017, we have been appointed by LERC to market their technology for ammonia customers on a worldwide basis. From below presentations you can take some general information about LERC's offering. If you are interested to learn more about how LERC's technology can benefit you, please contact our trading department.

Kropz, South Africa

In 2016, Keytrade has been appointed as Kropz Fertilizer's marketing agent for its Phosphate Rock destined to territories outside Southern Africa and India.

For more information about Kropz, visit their website.