Off-take agreements

Over the years arrangements we have been the off-taker of choice for a variety of producers and products.
Off-take agreements give our partners and its shareholders and banks the confident that goods produced are lifted and sold on a competitive basis.

Off-take agreement with YPFB, Bolivia

In 2017 Yacimientos Petrolíferos Fiscales Bolivianos (YPFB) completed the construction of its fertilizer plant in Bulo Bulo, Bolivia. Recently, YPFB and Keytrade entered into a three year off-take agreement for 335,000 metric tons of granular urea per year destined for the Brazilian market. For more information visit this article on YPFB's website.

For more information about YPFB, visit their website.

Pictures from YPFB's fertilizer plant in Bulo Bulo, Bolivia


Off-take agreement with AOA, Algeria

In 2015 Sharkia El Djazairia El Omania lil Asmida (AOA) and Keytrade signed an off-take agreement for granular Urea. The quantities to be purchased under this agreement are negotiated and agreed on a monthly basis.

For more information about AOA, visit their website.

Off-take agreement with SIUCI, Oman

In 2013 Sohar International Urea & Chemical Industries SAOC (SIUCI) Keytrade first entered into an offtake agreement that gives Keytrade access to 30% of SIUCI's actual production of granular Urea.

For more information about SIUCI, visit their website.