Our word is our bond

We are a leading global fertilizer trading company acting as a one stop shop on a worldwide basis.

Keytrade caters to the needs of suppliers, distributors, retailers and end-users on a world-wide basis and across all fertilizer products. Beside the trading and marketing of conventional fertilizer products, it is engaged in impact investing and, through its subsidiary WeGrow, in the distribution of innovative and sustainable fertilizers and additives for technical agriculture applications.


Why Keytrade?

We are a global, reliable, trustworthy and responsible business partner, capable of performing all relevant services that come with fertilizer trading.

Who we are

Keytrade AG was established by senior mineral fertilizer traders who worked in the sector for several decades.

KEYTRADE as an Employer

Our people are our greatest asset: Knowledgeable, motivated and committed professionals are the key capital of every company. This is especially true for a trading business like ours.

Worldwide presence

We speak your language. With employees from 26 different countries who speak 23 different languages we are geared to better cater to your needs.